What do I need to prepare for membrane capping in sewage tanks?

What preparations will be made for the membrane covered construction of sewage tanks in the early stages of construction?

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What preparations will be made for the membrane covered construction of sewage tanks in the early stages of construction? Site selection, membrane materials, drawings, and other conditions. For this type of building, a lot of work needs to be prepared in the early stage of construction and construction. Below, the editor will tell you the preparatory work required for the construction of sewage tank capping. 1. Design phase The design of sewage tank capping mainly includes four major issues: shape design, initial equilibrium shape analysis, load analysis, and cutting analysis. Through shape design, the plane shape size, three-dimensional shape, and clearance volume of the building are determined, the coordinates and structural form of each control point are determined, and membrane materials and construction plans are selected. 2. Processing process Purchase and process materials according to the design plan. Due to the complexity and professionalism of the processing process for steel and film materials, only professional steel and film processing manufacturers can achieve the same accuracy as the drawings and facilitate on-site installation. 3. Installation process of foundation embedded parts The reverse hanging membrane of the sewage tank needs to be "long" on the sewage tank, so it must have a certain foundation. Generally speaking, if the sewage tank is a concrete structure with a certain height, it only needs to be fixed with chemical bolts, etc. If the ground is a soil structure, it is necessary to excavate a commercial concrete foundation pit. 4. Membrane installation process According to the requirements of the construction organization design, fold, package, and label the processed finished film, transport it to the installation site, clean the site, lay protective materials on the ground, explain the process and division of labor to the workers, unfold the film surface, prepare for drilling holes on the film surface, threading steel wire ropes, installing membrane corner node plates or membrane clamp plates, and tie the rope net to the support structure to temporarily support the unfolded film surface. After the preparation work is ready, The lifting machinery is in place, the diagonal points are lifted and temporarily fixed, and gradually evenly stretched to apply pre tension to the membrane surface. 5. Acceptance process After the entire installation process is completed, it can be inspected and accepted by oneself. After self inspection, contact the owner for project acceptance.







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