What are the characteristics of winter air film stadium!

The air membrane stadium can automatically adjust the air membrane pressure according to the size of the wind and the thickness of the snow. Close the safety door and exhaust window in advance when operating in windy weather.

What is the gas film coal shed, what are its characteristics

Gas film coal shed is a new closed structure, no internal beam and column structure, very suitable for large equipment in the warehouse operation. What are the features?

Does the gas film coal field have any requirements for the site?

Air film coal field is a special architectural structure form for deepening the application of air film building in the coal industry. It is a closed coal storage and transportation building that can resist wind, frost

The environmental protection effect of sealing the sump

The environmental hazards of sump ponds have long been a headache, especially the collection of fetid gases from sump ponds. With the continuous progress of industrial technology, people in the pursuit of development at the same time

The importance of waste gas collection in Shanghai sewage tank

With the gradual enhancement of environmental awareness, the call for enterprises to carry out environmental protection production is more and more high. Because in recent years, environmental pollution is more and more serious,

How to clean the sewage pool covered

Sewage tank covered with sewage tank deodorization has a good effect, sewage tank in daily life cleaning will do it! What problems can arise! Shanghai Zhanji Environment Co., Ltd. will show you about it.

What are the characteristics of the follow - up reverse hanging film?

Reverse hanging membrane membrane structure is a new type of sewage pool sealed by the way, due to its corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance,

Points for attention in tensioned membrane construction

Nowadays, many architectural styles adopt tensioned membrane structure. Tensioned membrane structure is widely used in our life. What should we pay attention to in tensioned membrane structure building?

Membrane structure parking shed tips

Membrane structure parking shed is a new type of building, applied in different places, can be seen everywhere in the city. Changes in the weather throughout the year

Features of sump cover

The control of sewage treatment process with sewage tank membrane cover is a continuous slow treatment process based on material balance. In the process of sewage treatment to use a large number of valves, pumps, fans and mud scraper and other mechanical equipment,

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