Are gas film gymnasiums more environmentally friendly than traditional ones?

In recent years, the inflatable film gradually entered our field of vision, rapidly applied in various fields, because the inflatable film building is more environmentally friendly than the traditional building

What are the advantages of the popular air film gym?

With the development of national fitness, the construction of indoor stadiums ushered in a wave of upsurge, especially in the hot summer, outdoor sports are no longer realistic,

What do I need to prepare for membrane capping in sewage tanks?

What preparations will be made for the membrane covered construction of sewage tanks in the early stages of construction?

How long is the service life of the sewage tank covered and sealed

With the development of the national economy, the strength of environmental protection policies has also been continuously strengthened, and the source of odor in sewage plants has become one of the key targets of national remediation.

Development of membrane structure engineering sewage tank capping

With the increasing severity of industrial pollution, the treatment of waste gas and wastewater has become a key direction of environmental consolidation, and environmental protection issues have become a relatively concerned issue for the government and the public.

Design concept of membrane capping for sewage tank

​What is the design concept of membrane capping of sewage tank? Sewage tank cover is also called sewage tank cover and odor collection cover.

Fully enclosed design of gas film building

The fully enclosed design of the air film building is both economical and comfortable. In the internal space of the air film building system, all factors, such as air pressure, temperature

The reason for the importance of follow-up sump capping

The following type sewage pool is covered with anti-odor treatment, and the shed cover is covered on the pool body and sealed to eliminate the exhaust gas overflow.

What are the characteristics of winter air film stadium!

The air membrane stadium can automatically adjust the air membrane pressure according to the size of the wind and the thickness of the snow. Close the safety door and exhaust window in advance when operating in windy weather.

What is the gas film coal shed, what are its characteristics

Gas film coal shed is a new closed structure, no internal beam and column structure, very suitable for large equipment in the warehouse operation. What are the features?

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