Be careful! Reverse hanging membrane capping shoul

Reverse hanging membrane capping has only entered the insurance market for a few years

Reverse hanging membrane capping has only entered the insurance market for a few years, and has now exceeded a number of traditional sewage tank capping methods and become a powerful assistant in the field of sewage tank capping. Reverse hanging membrane capping is a new type of sewage tank capping, which is divided into membrane structure and steel structure. The capping technology is much higher than the traditional capping method. It needs close fitting in design, processing and installation to achieve efficient sealing effect. The following small series will introduce the misunderstanding of sewage reverse hanging membrane capping to avoid regret in the future.

1. Self operation. The reverse hanging membrane capping looks simple, but actually it needs to be designed in strict accordance with the pool area and other aspects, so as to ensure the tight fit between the membrane structure and the steel structure and achieve the sealing effect. Self operation seems to save money. In fact, it costs more and the effect is not good.

2. Subcontract the steel structure and membrane structure. Steel structure and membrane structure are divided into two builders. It is easy to have poor project effect after completion, and it is impossible to determine which party is responsible. It is easy to cause losses, delay working hours, affect subsequent maintenance work, and easily lead to contradictions and disputes.

3. Choose partners at will. Hand over the project to a small builder. The construction quality of small builders is not guaranteed, and it is impossible to provide after-sales service.

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