How safe is the air film building

Different safety problems may occur in air film buildings under daily conditions.

Be careful! Reverse hanging membrane capping should avoid these misunderstandings!

Reverse hanging membrane capping has only entered the insurance market for a few years

Three characteristics of the reverse lifting film on the sewage tank

The anti hanging membrane project is one of the construction methods with the shortest construction time in the sewage pool capping project. It is continuously applied in various fields.


PVDF membrane polyvinylidene fluoride membrane (polyvinylidene fluoride) is one of the western blot method commonly used in solid support. Is hydrophobic PVDF membrane,membrane pore size is small, with the development of membrane pore size, membrane of low molecular weight protein in combination with the more firmly. More than 20000 choose 0.45 um of membrane protein, less than 20000 protein with 0.2 um film. PVDF membrane when using pretreatment, treated with methanol is the purpose of the activation on the membranes of the positively charged groups, making it easier to combine with the negatively charged proteins. PVDF membrane has high mechanical strength, is the ideal solid phase in imprinting method support materials.

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