New environmental protection deodorization and capping method in Zhanji

In recent years, the unreasonable discharge of waste gas and waste water is the main cause of environmental pollution. It is imperative to collect and purify the waste gas. It is a common solution to collect and reprocess the waste gas by using the anti hanging membrane.

What are the aspects of green environmental protection of air film building?

The appearance of gas film buildings has opened the building form of energy conservation, environmental protection and low carbon. There will not be any construction waste in the construction process

Large span anti hanging membrane, a new way of environmental protection capping

In order to reduce the impact of WWTP on the surrounding environment as much as possible, it is imperative to carry out membrane capping deodorization project for WWTP structures.


PVDF membrane polyvinylidene fluoride membrane (polyvinylidene fluoride) is one of the western blot method commonly used in solid support. Is hydrophobic PVDF membrane,membrane pore size is small, with the development of membrane pore size, membrane of low molecular weight protein in combination with the more firmly. More than 20000 choose 0.45 um of membrane protein, less than 20000 protein with 0.2 um film. PVDF membrane when using pretreatment, treated with methanol is the purpose of the activation on the membranes of the positively charged groups, making it easier to combine with the negatively charged proteins. PVDF membrane has high mechanical strength, is the ideal solid phase in imprinting method support materials.

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